The Nextdoor Artspace will be scheduled on a monthly rolling basis. Nextdoor ARI will always hold our exhibitions during the last two weeks of every month. weeks prior will be considered as 'workspace weeks.' During this time, Our members will have access to the nextdoor workspace.
/ The Nextdoor Artspace will operate on Wednesdays to Saturdays.
/ The Nextdoor Gallery will be open from 11:30am - 5:00pm during exhibition weeks.
/ The Nextdoor workspace will have some flexibility regarding operating hours. However, the wednesday - thursday operating days will remain.
/ the nextdoor shop will be operating during workspace & exhibition weeks.
/ Members will only have access to the Nextdoor Workspace during scheduled workspace weeks. 
/ Members will be added to a private facebook group where nextdoor ari will provide monthly schedules and any updates regarding the nextdoor shop.