We are super excited to introduce you to our 4217 Membership Program! This program goes hand in hand with our 4217 Exhibition Program, and will provide you with some handy-dandy perks during our time at the 4217!​​​​​​​
☻  Access to the Nextdoor Workspace during scheduled days.
☻  Access to display and sell work at the Nextdoor Shop.

The Nextdoor Gallery will be converted into a co-working space outside of Exhibition / Install weeks. During Workspace Weeks, our members will be welcome to utilise the space to work and socialise with our community. Members will be provided a schedule in which they can use the workspace.
The Nextdoor Workspace will not function as an artist studio, as you will not be allocated a permanent personal desk space. Instead, there will be a communal desk setup for Members to utilise while working on small artworks or laptops. It is expected that artists bring their own supplies and materials, and remove them again at the end of the day so our space is always Gallery-ready. Nextdoor will provide basic office materials, good vibes, and white walls that members are welcome to utilise to document artworks during Workspace Weeks.
The Nextdoor Artspace will include a public facing shop. Over the course of your membership, you will have access to sell works in the shop. The Nextdoor Shop will be operating 4 days a week. Nextdoor will handle the sale and the display of your work within the space.
The Nextdoor commission will be completely up to the member’s discretion. While we encourage members to include a commission, this is completely optional. 100% of the funds received by Nextdoor from the sale of artworks will go back into Nextdoor’s future! ⭐
☻  To be able to sell works in the Nextdoor Shop, You must have an active Australian Business Number (ABN).
The Nextdoor 4217 Membership will COST $10 PER MONTH. YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE OPTION TO PRE-PAY FOR THE FULL 5 MONTHS FOR $50. get in as quick as possible to make the best of the MembershiP PROGRAM!
The Nextdoor 4217 Exhibition Program remains free of charge, as we are passionate about making art accessible to the public! The 4217 Membership Program was created to give local artists the opportunity to meet, socialise, sell, and work amongst a pool of creatives, whilst earning Nextdoor some money. As per usual, 100% of the money raised from this program will be going straight back into Nextdoor ARI’s future programming, ensuring we are able to keep showing art and paying creatives!
Interested in joining the community? Fill out this form below and we will be in touch!
Thanks Neighbour! We will reach out to you soon with some more info to get you started ASAP!
Once you submit your E.O.I., you will receive some documents from us. Any submitting artists must carefully read and sign the contract/s provided before commencing the membership program.
The 4217 + studio is a City of Gold Coast initiative to connect creative collectives with space to thrive and reinvigorate the 4217 Surfers Transit Centre.