Nextdoor is super thrilled to introduce you to...
Meet CODEY22; an online project series of interactive internet-based artworks 
Over the course of a six-week residency, you will develop an online project in the form of an interactive webpage. Your site can utilise text, photography, 3-D images, video, audio, gifs, games - anything that can exist online. You could create a podcast series, build an interactive 3-D map or live-stream video. Without the restrictions of the white cube, you will have free range to develop a unique concept from scratch. We highly encourage you to get as creative as you can with your proposal!
To create your webpage, you will be provided full access to Cargo - a site building platform, for six weeks. Your website will then be live for the following two weeks. There is also the option for extended online public programming through the Nextdoor social media. This could take the form of live-streaming, grid posts and stories on Instagram.
We are super stoked to announce that due to the online nature of CODEY22, we are open to receive applications from creatives everywhere! Artists involved are required to have a general knowledge of website building, as Nextdoor can only provide limited technical support during the residency. This opportunity is suited to creatives with previous experience with internet-based art and digital art. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your eligibility to apply.​​​​​​​
Successful applicants will receive the following:

</Six-week online residency, to develop your work>
</Two-week live website, to exhibit your work>
</Full access to site builder - Cargo>
</Fortnightly consultations with Nextdoor project coordinator>
</Short essay by local arts writer, to accompany your online project>
</Additional support may include, but is not limited to: Professional development,
 Writing assistance, Curatorial, Marketing, and connection to the Nextdoor ARI 
</Opportunities for other online public programming>
</Documentation of your project>

*Please note that CODEY22 will be an unpaid opportunity.​​​​​​​
Now that you know a little more about CODEY22, it’s time we get to hear from you!
To apply, please download and fill out the application form below. This year, we have worked to create a more accessible application form for emerging creatives of all levels. You will see in the form that you can submit written responses, or if preferred, video and audio files. You can also submit mockups or drawn plans of your proposed project. 
Should you have any questions regarding the project or the application form, please reach out through our email ( or instagram (@nextdoor.ari), and we will do our very best to help you out!