ID Pro Quo, taken from the Latin phrase 'Quid Pro Quo' 
looks at the value we put on our privacy in today’s society.
Many of us share our private lives via social media on a daily basis. Online, we are constantly asked to accept cookies and give consent to our location and activity being tracked in return for the services those websites provide. Recently we have even been asked to download an app in exchange for easing restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis.
In this artwork, Liam Herne asks relevant questions: 
How much do you value your personal information? 
Would you share some in return for art? ​​​​​​​
The premise is simple.
​​​​​​​ Fill in the form, 
making sure to complete all fields marked necessary,
and in return you will receive a limited edition artwork from the artist. 

The information received will be displayed by the artist in the form of a webpage
in the following weeks after all information has been collected.

Liam Herne is an artist from Watford, UK who predominately works with new media. He has shown his work in various locations around the world. He is currently based in Brisbane, Australia.
Herne’s work identifies and celebrates the human condition and in particular how we communicate and share information with each other through a variety of mediums such as social media and technology. He tries to mimic and explore our online behaviours by collaborating and interacting with his audience and displaying the outcomes through digital and traditional processes.
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