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Amelia McLeish from Nextdoor,
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Welcome back to our Behind Every Door Interview - a series which aims to provide insight into the minds of some of our favourite emerging Brisbane-based artists.
Heyo, Amelia here, I really enjoyed this brief convo with Skye. We talked about artist pseudonyms, discovering larger scales, the Brisbane art scene and how Skye ended up in Brisbane. I hope you enjoy getting to know just a little bit about our local streetcat, Skye Snedden, as much as I did.
Untitled, 2020
A : You use an artist Pseudonym, Local Streetcat, What is the motivation behind using a pseudonym? When I picture it I can imagine you roaming the streets at night.
S : This is definitely the idea that came across when I found this name. I like the image of having someone that is seemingly just a person, making art out of everyday life. Roaming the streets almost lost but still always finding their way back. 
A : Based on your insta you seem to reproduce images of the home, either inside or outside. Why is reproducing these spaces important to you? 
S : I think the self and the places we live are extremely interesting, It is almost an extension of ourselves. We decorate and choose the places we live from personal preference. 
I have lived in many places in my life and I almost envy the people who live in one place their whole lives. Recreating this idea of safety for especially people coming up to moving out of home is such an interesting concept, and to be able to capture this idea of almost false safety that humans put into something so meaningless like a house, when there are thousands of places we can live.​​​​​​​
I Can Do That/Get a Real Job, 2021
A : From what I can tell your works seem to be produced mostly with rough edges, like ripped paper that could have otherwise been discarded. How did you discover your joy for working on this surface, is there a surface you’d rather use?
S : I love the idea of rough edges, even on the canvases I use. I like to have the edges exposed like I haven’t really given much thought to it, but in reality it is a stylistic choice. I find it almost pleasing to have this rough edge, like it has been ripped from something and just stuck on the wall.
I actually learnt how to make my own paper to give it that exact look. But lately I have been trying my hand at painting on canvas which I have never really loved, but I have found a new love by trying to go big. But ceramics will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to continue to expand my love for art, through my art practices. No matter the medium!
a House or a Home, 2020
A : You mentioned you’ve lived in many places, care to share a timeline of how you ended up in Brisbane? Do you miss anywhere you’ve been? Why?
S : I was born in Western Australia actually, my mum and dad were travelling Australia when they had me! In the end when I was 18 months old we came back to Qld to live in Coolum. Where my mum and dad started a bakery, I then proceeded to live in more rural parts of Queensland. When I was 15 I decided I wasn’t happy about where I was and moved out of home and into my uncle's house in Corinda. I hopped about family members for a little while. Finally settling into a place with my Aunt in Holland Park and going to school in the area. 
Since finishing school I have lived in Fortitude Valley, Cooran, Grandchester, Coorparoo, and have just moved into a lovely apartment in West End!
I think I miss Coolum the most. I miss going to the beach with my parents and family and spending time at the bakery. It was an experience as a child that I will never forget and am grateful for having parents with such amazing ambitions and giving me the ability to dream big.

A : Who are your favourite artist/s right now and why?  
I love Agnes Martin for her ideas behind her works the simplicity and calm feeling that washes over me when looking at her works 
And Herrera is a powerhouse of an artist; she turned 106 last month and is still creating art. Both these artists I think have amazing lives and create compelling art that just inspires people to create.

A : As you’re starting to paint on canvas, how have you found the transition from small works to large works? What do you find appealing about doing larger scale works? 
S : I think it’s the freedom, it’s so scary and exciting to put that first bit of paint down and know now you’ve just got to finish it. I have never experienced a feeling like it, large scale is just something that I think frightens so many people, I was definitely one of these people but after trying it I don’t know if I can ever go back now it was too much fun! 
I think the transition is still happening. I still want to paint small and do little things but it definitely doesn’t have the same effect that a large work has.​​​​​​​
The Baker Man, 2021
A : As an emerging artist, how have you found the Brisbane art scene so far? Is there something missing?
S : The Brisbane art scene is one great mystery, I think not many people know how vast it is and how many opportunities there are here! I don’t know if I would say that there's anything missing from the Brisbane art scene. I think it is more about getting knowledge across Brisbane that we have great artists ready to be discovered and that there are opportunities for them to expand their art practice and network, because networking is key in any art scene.

A : What are the works you’re submitting to the Brisbane indie project and why is it important for you to share your work?
S : I actually have one that is the process of being made. And hopefully I will be able to showcase one or both of my massive paintings.
I think the work that I am making for this show is really special to me. It features the life of some people who are very close to me and I admire them and their stories so much, and one day hope to tell my story with as much excitement and warmth as they do. ​​​​​​​
Thanks to Local Streetcat/Skye Snedden and Amelia McLeish! 
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Come see Skye's work at the Brisbane 'Winter' Indie Project
July 3, 2021 6PM
The Zoo (711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006)
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