Solo exhibition by Lyle Duncan
December 4 - 13, 2020
Only This Will Last is a multimedia exhibition which primarily examines the ways cultural institutions establish and maintain a range of control over the visitors to their space. Whether it be control over how to experience a work, or even how to act appropriately in an imposing public space, this exhibition questions how this effects the viewing experience of art and what it means for visitors.
Works in the show appropriate and re-contextualise protective measures taken by institutions to preserve work, and therefor control the viewer. In this case, the art has been taken away from behind the protective, institutional filter all works are seen through at a cultural institution, and we are left to look at that filter itself as the art.​​​​​​​
A question worth reflection is whether, regardless of intention, the art is being protected from the viewer or the viewer is being protected from the art? When does the authority of an experience controlling space take over the artwork that’s being shown there?
Lyle Duncan is a Brisbane and Gold Coast based emerging visual artist. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Queensland University of Technology. Duncan uses an array of mediums for his practice, but it has currently centred around time-based media, sculpture and performance.  Most recently his work has dealt with the concepts of power and authority and whether or not every form of those should hold any importance during times like now.