We have decided to postpone our Zoom Trivia as our team refuses to disrupt the current momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. In full support of the voices working hard to eradicate racism, we believe it harmful to distract from such a significant cause at this powerful point in history. Our team urges you to research, educate, donate, and protest in support of First Nations Australians and all victims of institutional racism.
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Howdy neighbours! We’ll cut right to the chase: we’re running a night of online trivia! On Thursday the 4th of June, at 7pm, you can join us through Zoom for a mishmash of art and pop culture themed trivia. The whole event will be facilitated by our favourite host Ella! 

If you want to play, connect with your buddies and make a team of 4 before hand. If you’re out on your lonesome, join us anyways, and we’ll connect you with some team members! This could be a great chance to meet other local artists or art enthusiasts in the neighbourhood.